Felipe Anderson, on his way to Premier League?

Strongly linked with Manchester United, midfielder Felipe Anderson Brazilian managed to break into the calendar of another important set of the Premier League, Chelsea.

There are two factors that invite to think that the relationship of Felipe Anderson (23 years) with Lazio is about to expire. The first has to do with the fact that his club has begun to show somewhat more flexible in negotiating with those clubs that have expressed interest in their situation, and the second, with its recent change agent.

Explains the Gazzetta dello Sport, to engage with Giuliano Bertolucci, a close associate of Iranian representative Kia Joorabchian known, the player would be showing his desire to seek new horizons. And Chelsea, which has set a technician who maintains strong ties with both agents, the transalpine Antonio Conte, was antojaría as favorite to take over its services.

To date, whenever there has been talk of the possible departure of canarinho, Manchester United has figured as a possible destination. However, after the landing of that Conte in the capital London, most likely the playmaker finished saturating in Stamford Bridge.

Forged in Santos, the player has excelled in Serie A for its versatility (can move on both sides of midfield or more centered position), his skill with the ball at his feet, his remarkable ball-striking and ability to stepping on the opponent’s area (total 80 matches and 17 goals in this competition).

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